In 1964, members of the Tiger Club, with encouragement by the Duke of Edinburgh, instituted the Dawn-to-Dusk competition.  This is currently sponsored by Pooley’s, suppliers of aviation charts and gadgetry.  Any type of flying machine can be entered and would simply have to be in the air for more than 8 hours on a single day.  There has to be some sort of theme and a report must be presented within 21 days of the flight, to include the journey log, charts and any other material relevant to the adventure.  The entries are judged by five experienced aviators in terms of the originality of the theme and its planning, the flying itself (distance and time planned against what is actually achieved), the log of the journey, with an element of handicapping according to pilot experience, equipment in the aircraft and weather.  This website reflects two journeys around the lighthouses of France by Geoff Scott and Richard Warriner in Cessna 185 G-BYBP in response to the Dawn-to-Dusk challenge in 2015 and 2016.